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On-Demand Custom Manufacturing in Turkey

Metal Parts manufacturing in Turkey
On-Demand Custom Metal Manufacturing

We offer CNC Machining, Industrial 3D Print, Sheet Metal Fabrication, Urethane Casting and Injection Molding Services on a single platform.

Garment manufacturing in Turkey
Garment Manufacturing in Turkey

PS Turkey helps you in this fast-paced industry, whether you're looking for suppliers, new materials, or manufacturing processes.
We understand the development process, seasonality, tight lead times, and our clients' quality standards and work with manufacturers that can meet those demands. 

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Get in touch with our team, and we can discuss your product specs, timeline and quantity.

Product Sourcing 

Product sourcing covers face-to-face sourcing as well as web research, OFFLINE research, visits to factories and reporting. 

Sampling & QA

We ensure that the product, assembly, instructions & packaging are all in perfect condition before the manufacturing of the goods.We ship the samples to your desired location. 

Quality Control

We have  a Quality Management system. We let the manufacturers know that there will be audits. We ship only qualified products.


We have contracted rates for major logistics companies. We make sure  all goods are delivered at your desired location, landed at the best possible price.

What does our agency do?

Sourcing products 

This is the beginning of the success of your business. Let’s get a good deal for you. We will negotiate the optimized prices and Minimum Order Quantities. We will ask you to provide us with
as many details as possible about the characteristics of the product you require. We will make
sure you get what need! 

We have created and optimized the perfect process to import from Turkey! 

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Sample Production

You will need samples before placing an order. We can collect samples from different suppliers, consolidate and ship them to your desired address. We will do it most cost-effective and convenient way. We have agreements with UPS and we can ship a small sample as low as 25 USD word wide via the air Express Shipping option. 

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Quality control

Importing from Turkey is like a one-way road. Goods are exported but It MAY NOT be financially wise to import them back into Turkey. This means that any 'quality fault' made by the factory will be passed on to the importer. As a result, the best time to identify ANY quality issues is when the items are still in the Turkish manufacturer. If you detect the problem early enough, you have a good chance of correcting it and saving money for your company. 

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Now that your goods are ready, it's time to send them out! Moving your goods from the manufacturer's warehouse to the port, to the country of sale, through customs, and to your desired location involves a number of procedures. 

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of organizing everything?

We got you covered!

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Why to choose US for sourcing from Turkey?

[01] Hands ON!

Hands On – We have ground presence in Turkey. This means intelligence. We can verify the actors in the business and understand 'who is who'.  

[02] We Source Factories You May not Find
Online or Offline.  

Turkish business culture has not yet accepted completely the online ways of doing business. Most of the manufacturers do not have online presence.Even the big ones. They believe in the face-to-face traditional trade. The smart businesses attend trade shows in Turkey or abroad. Most of them can not communicate in English. They expect the customer to come 'discover' them. Even the tourism motto of the state is 'Turkey-Discover the potential' 

[03]  Save Time

Textile sourcing is in Istanbul, furniture in Bursa and carpets in Gaziantep. Sourcing in the right region will save you a lot of dollars, time and grant you the ease of logistics. Knowing how to get the best price from a manufacturer and negotiating in the right way are steps to success. 

[04]  Avoid mistakes

Finding sellers of your products is also half the fun. If you’re in a position to travel and explore, do it! It’s a great opportunity to expand your horizons. If you can’t travel, there’s always Google. However, beware of mistakes that can lead to huge troubles. For more ideas and an much more in-depth look into sourcing products, check out our blog in sourcing products from Turkey. 

Cihat YILMAZ Sourcing Agent Turkey
I am always looking for great collaborators. Let’s make something together!

– Cihat YILMAZ, PS Turkey

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PS Turkey is a one-stop sourcing agency based in Turkey, offering sourcing, purchasing, quality assessment and shipping services from Turkey!

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