Quality Inspection in Turkey

1. Our team at PS Turkey knows that quality control and factory management alone won't fix a bad factory, producing poor products. Just don't expect this!

2.You'll have no chance of success unless you find the right manufacturer from the start.

3.Our job at PS Turkey is to find the right manufacturers for you. We do this by looking for companies that are capable, ethical, experienced, know your market, have capacity, can meet your price points, and value our customers.

4. Businesses that import from Turkey often trust Turkish manufacturers to Quality Assurance products before production, but they've found out the hard way that quality control at the end of production won't make up for fundamental design errors & silly mistakes.

Types of Quality Inspection in Turkey

Evaluation at the factory

Manufacturing success starts with supplier selection. We can perform several factory audits for our clients to provide them with the transparency they need to identify the right partners, including manufacturing audits, ethical audits (SMETA, BSCI), and technical audits and following the client's own audit process whenever appropriate.

Developing Samples

We can conduct a quality check after any development and generate a technical inspection report for the client based on the sample's correspondence to the product specification. This is especially useful in the case of large samples because it reduces the need to ship/courier the model to the client.

Standards in Product Development

To provide our clients with relevant information on product standards that are mandatory and recommended in their market, we offer advisory services. Regulatory quality requirements are the responsibility of the importer of record, and we can assist in advising on which tests should be conducted in this regard.

During Product-ion Inspection

We conduct inspections during the production process when specific manufacturing risks are identified so that any issues can be isolated earlier and resolved. This could be a new product design, a new factory, or a problem with production previously. In cases of short lead times, it can be used to ensure production is completed on time.

Development of Product Checking Lists

We develop comprehensive product checking lists aligned with our client's quality requirements per our product expertise.

(PSI) Pre-shipment Inspection (AQL test)

AQL (Accepted Quality Level) statistical samples are commonly used as part of this inspection before the goods are released. After briefing our client, if any production run fails the pre-determined reject rates, we implement an agreed corrective action plan (CAP). This can be everything from a broader statistical sample to remaking the goods or accepting them. Upstream visibility is key to making the right decisions before the goods ship.

Inspection before shipping (piece by piece)

Inspections can be implemented where specific risks have been identified due to past productions. Checking the products in-line may also prevent quality problems during the manufacturing process.

Loading Inspection

We provide this service to make sure that the goods are loaded correctly and in full. When a container isn't complete, be sure to pack the cartons in a way that minimizes damage during transit. We will provide you with a report that will show the date and time the container was sealed and the seal number to ensure the container is not tampered with before you receive it.

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