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Purchasing wisely will pay off handsomely for your company. If you do it wrong, your company will become vulnerable to carelessness and abuse!

When it comes to Purchasing, our company makes certain that we only buy directly from certified manufacturers.

Our strategy as a buying office is to ensure that we have complete control over the supply chain so that we can provide results to our clients importing from Turkey.

    We make all of our purchases through a contract that is legally binding in Turkey. The final product specifications, payment conditions, quality standards, warranty claims/returns, lead times, and agreed-upon performance penalties are all contained in the contract.
    We negotiate deposits ranging from 30% to 70%, and the transaction will not be completed until we have completed our final Quality Control evaluations and can certify that all contract requirements have been met.
  • PURCHASING with PS Turkey 
    We can buy from manufacturers in TRY, which means in some cases, reduced prices from manufacturers.
    Buy straight from Turkey and reap all of the benefits while avoiding all of the hazards that come with importing from Turkey.
Cihat YILMAZ Sourcing Agent Turkey
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– Cihat YILMAZ, PS Turkey


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PS Turkey is a one-stop sourcing agency based in Turkey, offering sourcing, purchasing, quality assessment and shipping services from Turkey!

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